Hammam Ritual

Contrary to popular belief, the Moroccan Hammam is not heated by steam but with an ingenious dry heat system diffused by the floor and the walls over half a height. Sweat prepares the skin for deep cleansing. After a few minutes spent in the hot room, the masseuse applies the traditional black soap, a 100% vegetable paste based on pulp and black olive oil, most often scented with eucalyptus, softens the skin and prepares it to exfoliation.
Indeed, by swelling the dead cells, it thus facilitates a deep exfoliation. After the exfoliation, you will be rinsed with hot water, to prepare your skin for the “Ghassoul” wrap. This saponiferous clay from the Middle Atlas, rich in mineral salts and trace elements, contains many properties for the skin: purifying, emollient, softening, antioxidant."Ghassoul", from the Arabic word "Ghassala" which means to wash, gives the skin a beautiful satin appearance thanks to its slightly foaming power which promotes the penetration of the active ingredients contained in essential oils.
It is followed by a new rinsing session where our masseuse will soap you with orange blossom essential oil, then you will be rinsed again and everything will end in the massage room with a body oil wrap, orange Argan with emollient and antioxidant essentiels.