Horseback and Camel ride in the palm grove, the desert and the beach

The horse and the dromedary or camels ,pleasant and friendly animals that are very useful because they allow you to move on all types of terrain relatively quickly with little fatigue. It is the ideal transportation to discover the landscapes of the desert region but also the most inaccessible places. 
The Horse riding is a bit sportier than dromedary and camel ride, but it does not require any particular skill except loving animals and the great outdoors. The dromedary is certainly one of the most exotic and comfortable transport animals; it can be practiced for two people and safely transport children and older people. In both cases, animal treks are unique and magical moments to discover the region or simply stroll on the beach, moments to share with family or friends and from 2 to 77 years old.
The camel is considered a blessed animal and is called "the boat" of the desert: it is the only main transportation in the Sahara. Discover the immensity and wild beauty of the stone desert and the palm grove of Marrakech from a unique angle, on the back of a dromedary . During this camel ride, you will have the opportunity to escape from the city of Marrakech to explore the countryside and follow in the footsteps of the caravans that have followed this path for centuries. Dress in a scarf (protective scarf) and pass through authentic villages and verdant palm groves, where you can discover the lifestyle of the locals away from downtown Marrakech.
The sunset in the Agafay desert is an experience to be practiced. This camel ride takes you into the very special atmosphere of a stone desert near Marrakech. It will also take you among the dunes and canyons in a mineral environment dominated by the peaks of the Atlas Mountains. It’s spectacular! It’s magical! It’s enchanting! The Deep South offers you magical moments while contemplating the magnificent sunset. Magic tour following your guide while admiring the of stars , and camel ride according to the Bedouin tradition.