Hot air balloon

A hot air balloon flight is probably on many people's list of “dreams to come true at least once in their life”. It’s in Marrakech that you are taken to the skies at sunrise aboard a large balloon for the first time. The adventure started very early in the day when it was still dark. The ground preparation is nothing trivial; it's a really impressive step! Imagine the team inflating the huge balloon with a fan, then raising it by heating the air inside with the help of the burners. It is an absolutely magnificent sight to see the balloon take shape, as the first light of day appeared.
The flight does not take place directly over Marrakech, as it would be impossible to land there because of the numerous infrastructures. Rather flew over his countryside, which allowed you to observe mountains, fields as far as the eye can see and small isolated villages. To experience a sunrise aboard a hot air balloon is truly a unique experience.
In the end, a balloon flight is undoubtedly an experience to be carried out once or several times in your life! It’s a great way to discover a landscape seen from the sky, while enjoying the pleasant feeling of being carried by the wind. He just loved to fly over the countryside of Marrakech in the rising sun. It is an activity to experience and to recommend to everyone.