Quad & Buggy

Motor vehicle that can be compared to a four-wheel motorcycle (two at the front, two at the rear). Lower than a scooter, it has a real seat, but acts like a two-wheeled vehicle. This motor vehicule needs a specific authorization to circulate in town.
Take an exciting journey through and enjoy a half day of quad biking through rough ground. Straight to the tranquility of the untouched palm grove area, this has been hidden for centuries. You will travel through beautifully diverse landscapes, including mountains, wild palm groves, dry rivers and a rocky desert.
Discover authentic Berber villages, where people still live in the traditional way established by their ancestors over 200 years ago. Stop in one of the houses to enjoy Berber hospitality and delicious mint tea. Once back on the desert track, accelerate and discover the joy of off-roading through a wonderful landscape.