The whole expression of an art of living
Shopping in all its forms, chic or artisanal, to choose from
In Morocco, tradition and modernity always mingle harmoniously. Shopping is no exception to this rule!
Few visitors resist the temptation of Moroccan crafts. Leather bags and slippers, shoes, hats, and home object in raffia, copper lamp, musical instruments, jewelry, embroidered clothes, the choice is vast and the items all more resplendent than the other.
While the medina concentrates countless craftsmen and traders in its labyrinth of alleys, the new city (especially big cities) is also home to chic and trendy boutiques by designers, designers and art galleries.
For the most eager guests who want to discover Moroccan handicrafts, craft centers in the medina concentrate in one place several specialized shops of quality items, giving you a quick overview of the extent of Moroccan craftsmanship. Another way to shop is offered by co-ops. Some have a point of sale of their items in the medina. For the others, sales take place directly at the place of production, an interesting way to discover at the same time the men and women who make carpets, fouta, raffia, wood and other food and cosmetics.
In the midst of the development process, most of the major Moroccan cities are finally seeing the flowering of shopping malls, designed for the comfort of its visitors; they concentrate the biggest brands and offer a whole range of services. And that includes various shops, mainly clothing, supermarkets and pleasant cafes with terraces. The most important are Morocco Mall in Casablanca, Mega Mall in Rabat, Carré Eden, and Menara Mall, in Marrakech ... Etc.
At the Mega Mall in Rabat, for example, let yourself be tempted by a bowling game or a skating session, in addition to the cafes and restaurants that are located there. The Mall is always active, well-stocked and always full of surprises.
Morocco offers you a thousand and one opportunities to satisfy your passion for shopping!
When you travel to Morocco, many people look forward to the exciting races that are offered here. Morocco as a whole is a place with wonderful craftsmen working from different ancient and highly skilled crafts to produce wonderful objects that are sold for small fortunes in Europe and the west. It would be a shame to come to Morocco and especially the cities of Fez and Marrakech, where the opportunities to buy these items at much lower prices than you can find them in the UK.
However, people who travel to Morocco are often disappointed to find that shopping in Morocco ca be quite hard working! On this page, my goal is to give you a little insight into how things generally work, when buying in the various areas of Marrakech, its souks and alleys (where most visitors tend to shop).
I spent years in the country and part of my time was spent buying goods to export to the UK (I had a few shops in England selling some of the best that Moroccan artisans had to offer). I also used to accompany serious buyers in the souks to make important purchases of real antiques, carpets and furniture (often to equip businesses in Europe such as restaurants, shops, hotels and houses), so I have a pretty deep understanding of how the souks work and how prices are coming.