Sports and nature discovery in Morocco

Morocco is a country for sportsmen and women. It is a hot spot for water sports, golf and hiking. But its favored nature, its modern and varied infrastructures offer you a thousand and one other opportunities to spend.
Riding horses: The kingdom is the heir to a long tradition exemplified by the national studs of Marrakech, Meknes or Oujda. Ride a horse for an obstacle course or for a leisurely hike, along the beach or in the Moroccan hinterland.
Another mount but still so much fun! Cycling is also in the spotlight in the kingdom. Around Agadir, Marrakech, courses unfold in the middle of the national parks and subject to the mountain bikers some major challenges!
Lovers of adventures, discover caving! Morocco is dotted with caves more spectacular than the other. In the Middle Atlas, it is the site of Tikhoubai cave that is worth a visit: its galleries plunge into the bowels of the earth at a depth of nearly 310 meters.
On the water, why not try sports fishing? Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, Morocco multiplies the opportunities to launch a line! The surroundings of Agadir, Dakhla Bay or the shores of Sidi Ifni are good places to go big-fishing!
Inland, water also offers its share of emotions! Ahansal River offers 2 days of white water sports: a 45 km descent to reach the famous great lake of Bin el Ouidane, the opportunity to enjoy rafting as well as kayaking.
Morocco is this: sport in all its states, on water, on land, and underground as well.
Horse riding and equestrian sports are still undemocratic in Morocco, with about 20,000 passengers in equestrian centers or private stables. Moroccan riders can pass four grades attesting to their equestrian skills, called "Fariss". 
A very ancient tradition, linked to the history of the Berber cavalry. The beard and Arab-beard breeds are considered a national heritage, due to their breeding by many local tribes. The tbourida puts this military use of the beard or Arab-beard horse in the spotlight, and represents the most popular equestrian sport in Morocco. The country has five national stud farms located in Marrakech, Meknes, Bouznika, Oujda and El Jadida. It organizes important equestrian events with international influence, such as the international horse show of El Jadida and the Royal Moroccan Tour, as well as national sporting events, such as the week of the horse in Rabat .

Morocco is the ideal country to practice cycling: the state of the roads, the respect of drivers towards cyclists, the beautiful landscapes, the air quality, and the possibilities of interesting routes for cyclists in terms of altitude and difficulties, etc. All these elements make your cycling and mountain biking stay in Morocco an unforgettable one. Whether you prefer road cycling or mountain biking, whether you are a tourist or a sports biker, you will benefit from a high quality of service to ride on Moroccan roads and discover new landscapes and another culture.
Sports enthusiasts can also go on a trek: on the heights of the Middle Atlas in the vicinity of Ifrane, or on the famous Toubkal Mountain, the highest peak in Morocco and whose ascent spans two days. In the Saharan desert, too, where you bivouac and mingle with the pleasures of discovering the great outdoors, those of the local people. Difficulty levels vary greatly, depending on the length of the stages, altitude, cumulative gradients and the degree of range required and the weight of the bag carried. Engagement and distance from any rapid retirement point are also considerations. Some treks are crossings, others loops.

An outdoor sport of Scottish origin, which is played on a vast grassy field marked by natural or man-made obstacles, and consists of throwing a ball with a club in a series of eighteen (sometimes nine) spaced holes, in a minimum number of strokes. One of the top 10 golf destinations in the world! Morocco, during its last ten years, has greatly expanded its golf offering. It hosts international competitions and positions itself as a golf destination combining breathtaking courses facing the sea or at the foot of the Atlas, greens and magnificent courses (designed by great famous players or architects) and surrounded by prestigious hotels and structures combining luxury and well-being (Spas...) Golf courses in Morocco are attracting more and more. In addition, these cities host many cups, trophies and tournaments.
As we are fortunate to have a northwest coast and another southwest, 99% of the time there is always a place to surf; we always have several options, regardless of the weather conditions. During the summer months (April to October), there is a relatively modest swell, surfing takes place mainly on the beaches and reefs on the northwest side of the coast, more exposed. The conditions are ideal for people who want to surf in hot water and have fun. During the winter months (October to March), the waves that have made Morocco famous for its world-class surfing and waves so long that they hurt the legs, are daily events.