Let’s Discover Moroccan gardens
Colorful Gardens
Morocco's richness is also due to its faunal and floristic diversity: the gardens are a splendid example. To get an idea, Morocco is full of several hundred gardens, each more characteristic than the other.
Morocco has several beautiful gardens, where you can rest, enjoy the beauty of nature, calm and disconnect from the outside world. To introduce you to these gardens, we have selected the 5 best gardens in Morocco, existing in 3 different cities, for everyone's enjoyment!
1 - Jnan Sbil Garden 
Located in the city of Fez, the Jnan Sbil Garden covers 7 hectares and offers a beautiful landscape that brings together a collection of trees (including its majestic Aleppo Pine) fountains, plants and lakes. This public park is a real green lung.
2- The exotic gardens of Sidi Bouknadel
Located a few kilometers from Rabat, the exotic gardens of Sidi Bouknadel are a wealth that brings together an exceptional variety of plants from all over the world. This green space, open to the public, has 3 zones: a reception area with a playground and picnic, a horticultural production area and the wonderful garden area. It's a natural treasure!
3- Agdal Test Gardens
The Rabat Botanical Test Garden is a seventeen-hectare botanical garden located in the Agdal district of Rabat; as the name suggests, this garden was intended from its inception to host many plant species. There were originally more than two hundred different species, some of which were extracted from distant lands. In a fate similar to that of the park of the Arab League of Casablanca, it lived for a long time on its achievements before undergoing a solid renovation. Reopened in 2011, it once again offers its green walkways, even if rare botanical species have long given way to a more common flora in Morocco: olive trees and palm trees are pleasantly reflected in water bodies covered with water lilies.
4- Majorelle Garden
The Majorelle garden in Marrakech, bought by Yves Saint Laurent in the late 1960s, is the former home of the famous French painter Jacques Majorelle. It is a botanical garden composed of more than 3000 different plants, characterized by its cheerful colors and sublime design!
This garden is open to the public around the cause of green tourism.
5- The secret garden
The secret garden is a monument that affirms the beauty of Moroccan architectural art. It dates from the time of the Saadian dynasty. Located in the medina of Marrakech,it offers two gardens: the exotic garden and the Islamic garden.
6- The gardens of Koutoubia
You can't visit the Koutoubia Mosque without going through its gardens! Acres of orange trees and roses that you can admire during the day ,  even in the evening. Marrakech has several beautiful gardens including these gardens that should not be missed!
You can take a tour of the Garden of the Menara, which offers a vast expanse of olive trees in a haven of peace, in the heart of Marrakech. On the Rabat side, the famous Botanical Test Garden and Exotic Gardens await you, with their thousands of plant species, not to mention the Andalusian Garden of Oudayas. In Tangier and its surroundings, oxygenate you in the beautiful garden of the Mendoubia, home to century-old trees alongside cannons now only decorative, and in the Perdicaris park that surrounds a castle.
Sustainable ecotourism at the heart of concerns
In Morocco, you will find peace of mind and body in its gardens with a thousand and one facets!